Why Flexible Working?

We’re at the dawn of a flexible working revolution. #HireMeMyWay. #WorkThatWorks. #HappyToTalkFlexibleWorking. The movement is growing. 

Yet in spite of the positive social and media momentum, the work/life ‘balance’ on offer in many professions – particularly in those traditionally associated with the City of London and Canary Wharf - doesn’t align with the personal commitments and priorities of workers.

Research conducted last year by Timewise and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation found that over 14 million workers – nearly half of people in employment in the UK - want to work flexibly to fit with modern life.

Millions of talented individuals are opting out of, and being excluded from, the workforce, a product of their need to balance personal responsibilities and commitments combined with a lack of genuinely flexible working solutions around how, where and when they work.

Working parents, in particular, who consciously prioritise family life through choice or necessity are forced to suspend their careers, leaving behind their professional skills and goals and perpetuating a loss of talent that UK plc cannot afford. Stay at home mothers and fathers who wish to fit in part-time professional work alongside their parenting responsibilities, are faced with inflexible schedules and expensive childcare, or the prospect of turning their backs on a hard-earned City career.

We believe strongly that work and family life shouldn't be an 'either/or' choice.  We believe people with professional backgrounds and skills who want to integrate work into their home lives should be able to do so.

By showcasing individuals and their professional skills as well as available jobs, Cityflex empowers workers and presents a unique talent pool from which businesses can draw the resource they need.

Individuals win by being able to search for relevant roles and advertise the time, talent, skills and expertise they have to work, whilst employers get easy access to relevant intellectual capital with minimum recruitment spend, gaining a talented, flexible and cost effective workforce.

For individuals, it’s free to sign up and create a profile. If you would like to share your skills and time, please register here, and to browse available flexible roles, please click here.

City businesses can post jobs, and register for free to view candidate profile information, using paid credits to access contact details and post jobs – register now and start fulfilling your flexible hiring needs today.


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